Individual or in group


Single or Double Kayak

The kayaks are a great way to discover the hidden corners of the lake. Very easy to use-suitable for beginners or experienced paddlers they allow you to quietly explore the 4 "arms" of the lake . With family or friends or even alone with nature, a canoe trip is always a good and healthy option.

We have a range of kayaks single and double seaters. The double kayaks can accommodate a small child seated in the middle (up to 90 centimetres high).

Sit on kayaks are the easiest for general use as they offer the possibility to jump in and out of the water – being possible to climb back on board in deep water and if you capsize you can reright the kayak and continue without having to return to the shore.

Sit in kayaks are slightly more comfortable, offer a drier ride and are good if you wish to take a tour. (However, they are difficult to jump in and out of and, if you capsize they fill with water and it is not possible to reright until you are back on dry land.)


Katakanu - up to 6 people

These are a catamaran type canoe – very stable (almost impossible to capsize) which have up to six places and also space to carry equipment or a picnic!

A great option for a family or group of friends wanting to explore the lake together.

Pedalo "Swan"

Pedalo - "Cisnes"

We have pioner pedalos (as used in Hyde Park) available to rent. These are a solid uncapsizable pedalo with two pedalling places and room for four adults and a child.

Motor Boats

Self Drive - Motor Boats

We have a number of self drive boats. After a brief explanation and demonstration on how to drive the boat, you can set off to explore the Lake(approximately 10kms of navigable water.)Motor pass the houses of the rich and famous(Cristiano Ronaldo has a house on the lake) or just admire the scenery and serenity of the place.

These boats can take up to five adults or a combination of adults and children up to 405Kg. Depending on your choice, we have some boats equipped with a structure to provide shade.

The prices are inclusive of petrol and life jackets.

For those wishing for a driver, there is no extra charge.

Speed Boats

Boat Tours

We have powerful boats that are used for tours, teaching skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding amongst other disciplines and also for our very popular high speed tube rides.


Tubing - Full Fun

If you would like to fly across the surface of the water, this is your chance! In inflatable tubes towed by our powerful boats, you can experience the thrill of a flight over water.

We always have a range of inflatables to try and the main differences are the follows:

Sitting on a multiperson inflatable tube offers the least likelihood of falling in the water and is a comfortable position to experience the ride. You can bring your friends and all have fun together!

Lying face down on an inflatable increases the sensation of speed, as your face is closer to the water.You will need to hang on tight if you don´t want to slide off in the turns!

Individual tubes also known as rings or donuts are generally our most popular choice. Here, each person is sitting in their own tube-with up to four tubes being towed each time. It is quite likely that you are tipped into the water on this ride.When this happens the driver will return for you and after you have remounted you are ready to go again.